Monday, March 28, 2011

Lukewarm enchantment

Middlefield is finally finished, and the enchantment factor that so permeated the beginning of the project ... the verve that was the driving force ... has been replaced. What's left is a sweater that, although fantasticly wonderful in feeling, is less than perfect. ARGHHH!!!

To begin, I switched yarn and concocted my own "guage".... bumped up the size to accommodate the DK yarn and accompanying needle change. The project itself was terrific ... interesting construction and elements lend a perfect balance to all the round and round of stockinette. The yoke is where my problems began. Long project short, the split yoke did not meet at the shoulder to button as the instructions/picture indicated. After a brief consulation with some true fiberistas ... I came up with a fix that works.

On another note, I went big for my birthday this year...hoarding all gift cards and holiday cash gifts to splurge on either these or this. It is truly a terrific toy - sleek and cool, but it has it limits. Not to mention it's bugs. I've had it less than 24 hours and I've been on the phone with support and at the Apple store twice. It's quite disappointing actually ... I guess I expected more. Also, editing this blog post was not possible : ( something I was hoping to be able to do (update blog entries etc.). Maybe it's user error ... or maybe not.

Nonetheless - the family is loving the HD version of Angry Birds : )

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