Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Exaggerated Sense of Self-Worth

Welcome to my humble blog. I'm Christine ... I'm 41 and I'm insanely enthusiastic about knitting ... other things too, which may make their way into various post ... but I'll try to keep it to knitting. That picture says it all doesn't it? I wasn't always this obnoxious ... quite to the contrary. I was picked on in school, horribly shy, more insecure than I could ever write about and basically overwhelmed with a feeling of unworthiness. Alas, that all changed. I'll spare you the ugly details and skip to the knitting content.

Finished recently is Indigo Ripples II.

Ravelry link is here.

This is a favorite of mine ... obviously, as this is my second skirt. I love knitting in the round ... completely mindless . The pattern also offers you a great introduction to lace, which is something I've only dibbled and dabbled in (although I have bought yarn for it ... the stash is just a beast that will not be tamed!).

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