Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Knitting Poolside ... not "socially accepted" everywhere.

This is how I spend every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning beginning in the latter part of June through the middle of August. Lazin' in the sun ... cheering on our swim team ... and of course, knitting. Why would it seem odd that I knit at the pool? Perfect setting for it ... I'm stretched out in a lounge chair, preferably under a market umbrella, and if Mother Nature cooperates, there is even a coolness to the gentle breeze that always floats through the pool. Inviting as this sounds, my knitting never fails to invite odd looks and even stranger comments. I'll expand on this further and note that strange comments and odd looks could be explained ... possibly even justified ... if I were finishing up with work on a hexagon blanket in July when it's a cozy 93 degrees with a dew point of 72 . However, I don't feel my work on twilight socks is worthy of any attention. Why the odd looks and strange comments? What strikes me as odd (and infuriating) is that it is not only "socially accepted" but encouraged for "ladies" to sit together and be engage in such ridiculous discussions on pointless topics such as "how private education is far superior than public" ... or about how they couldn't buy shoes at Nordstrom's today (because they bought two pairs on Saturday and they promised their husband no shoes "today"... giggle giggle ... he didn't say that I couldn't tomorrow"). Please .... spare me ... I have a row to finish.

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