Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Great Wall ... Day 4 !!

It's day 4 ... and of course what would any great job be without the expected "hiccups" and chaos. Enter ... the medicine cabinets ... Mike and Brandon are seasoned veterans ... you've witnessed how they've ripped apart a bath and put it back together in mere days (3 to be exact, but who's counting) ... but when faced with the medicine cabinets from mars ... Mike compared their installation to work on the The Great Wall of China. It was that horrific ... you'll note Brandon in the background getting a chuckle at Mike's expense. They're a great team - simply amazing and talented people with every good intention and HUGE hearts ... I'd be such a liar to say that I'm not anxious for the bath to be done ... but truth be told - I'm going to miss them : ( To complicate issue more ... the faucets posed a problem ... I'm not even going there (because I went *there* - as in two different Home Depots and a Lowes) ... I just cannot imagine how people build houses and deal with these issues room after room after room ! One room folks ... and I'm ready to JUMP!!

And boys and girl ... please indulge me when I tell you that this is the TIP of the iceberg ... I was awaken by a certain someone tossing rocks at our bedroom window so that I could obliged him with the morning kitchen/garden shower ....

note the steam ... yes ... despite the date (August 14 ) it's chilly in the Northeast corner of the world at 5:50 AM ... thank GOD there is knitting to save the day ! The heel flaps are worked,the heels turned and the gussets are being decreased as we speak (well ... read) ... the work in progress is sitting in our "shampoo alcove" ... cool huh?!! Mike's creation. I told you - these guys are quite talented.

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