Wednesday, August 13, 2008

With cautious optimism ...

DAY 3 of bath renovation.

I can't say it's been horrible. It has been a touch inconvenient - and as liberating as it may be to have a reason to trot around the yard in my birthday suit (we have a very private back yard) showering with the kitchen faucet - I'm ready for an honest-to-goodness long, hot, steamy shower. I'm told that we'll be done by Monday ... hence the "cautious optimism." Who would have thought that anyone besides Ty Pennington could pull off a job like this. Mike and Brandon ... kudos to you guys ... you're the best!

Today's progress:

Just to keep me honest and remind me that this is suppose to be a knitting blog ... I have been working on this:

Pattern: Basic Sock Recipe by the Yarn Harlot

Yarn from Sockpixie

Size 2 needles

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can push this project over the finish line for the Ravelympics ; )

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